francesco cerutti


The artistic world inspiring Francesco Cerutti comes from the continuous spiritual research guiding the artist through all his life.
His artworks tell us about vibrations and pulsating energies, flowing and surrounding us in every moment. It also tells the marvellous beauty in which we are immerged; everything is expressed by the use of colour, painted with vibrations and thousand faces, to describe throughout painting the movement of cosmic energies.
Emotions are expressed adopting silver and gold leaf merged with material techniques to create harmonic contrast between what is terrain and what is belonging to other metaphysical worlds. This is represented by reflections of metal, vibrating with the surrounding lights. Paints are always changing aspects and shapes, merging at the same time with the surrounding ambiences and atmosphere. For this reason his artworks have been defined as “live artworks” they are a metaphor of our emotions, so changeable and ephemeral at the same time.
Francesco Cerutti artworks have been represented by many national as well international galleries and exhibitions including Bologna, Lucca, London and New York.